Enjoy The Best Shabbat Meals Miami Beach

For those are residing in Miami or visiting the location as a tourist, it is not easy to find the best place to enjoy Shabbat meals during Yeshiva Week especially. Shabbat is a Jewish tradition. It is the time of day when the sun is setting. Duration of the Shabbat is between the sunset and observation of three specific stars in the sky. If you are a tourist then you may not have the luxury to access your kitchen. Sometimes, one may not like to cook in their houses also. On such occasions, you have to look for Shabbat meals Miami Beach. Dining scenes in restaurant changes with time. However, you can certainly try the KosherLand Super Market for the best possible Shabbat meals.

Locating KosherLand Super Market may not be hard at all as it stands at Harding Avenue. It can be also found in 94th Street close to the Miami Beach. It is better to reserve in advance for Shabbat meals at Miami Beach by calling on the (305) 866 – 6993. However, you can get a takeaway from the place also.

Shabbat Menus Available

Based on seasons, alteration in the Shabbat meals Miami Beach can be observed. Still, the following things are generally served by them.

Shabbat Packages

If you are living with your family in Miami then you can easily choose the Shabbat Packages from KosherLand Super Market. It is served for 4 people. In this package, you may able to see a Rôtisserie chicken along with roasted potatoes, salads of 4 types with Matbucha, Cucumber, Coleslaw, and Israeli Salad. In addition, fish is also served. So, you can make a choice between Getfilte and Salmon. There is also about six challah rolls and grape juice. As rent, you can also get a hot plate at free of cost. The entire package cost around $59.

In case of an additional member in the group, you can get an option by adding $ 15 to the package.

Some high-end packages are available also through Shabbat meals Miami Beach from Kosherland Super Market. However, it may cost around $79. So, it is about $ 20 more than the first one. In this package, you may able to get four briskets also in addition to food items in the above package. Here $19 is added to the package in case of an additional person.


Instead of choosing a package, you can go with separate food options also. Diverse kinds of preparation with beef, chicken, veal, fish, and lamb are available also. In case, you are a vegetarian. There is no need to worry as they offer numerous vegan items also which includes mix vegetables, sweet potato sauté, mashed potato, yellow rice, brown rice, thin-cut noodles, Israeli couscous, and several others. There are lots of salad and wine options too.

As for Desserts, there is Parve Vanilla Napolean, Parve Lemon Pie, Touchoco Parve, and Grand Parve also in the menu.

Instead of cooked meals, you can pick cold cut meats too with turkey and beef.

There is no doubt in the fact that you will be spoiled with the choices of Shabbat meals Miami Beach at KosherLand Super Market.

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