Fresh Kosher Chicken Market Miami Beach Bal Harbour Surfside Indian Creek Island

Fresh Kosher Chicken Market Miami Beach Bal Harbour Surfside Indian Creek Island

Visit Kosherland Supermarket For Your Fresh Kosher Chicken Market Miami Beach Bal Harbour Surfside Indian Creek Island Needs

Located on Harding Avenue, 94 Street in Miami Beach, KOSHERLAND supermarket is a customer oriented food store that strives to fulfill all the kosher needs from the Jewish community. From their friendly customer services to a wide selection of goods at pocket-friendly prices, you will find KOSHERLAND the best fresh kosher chicken market in Surfside shopping district. Below are various reasons why you should consider shopping at KOSHERLAND supermarket:
Fresh and Locally Sourced products
It’s a given that products sourced locally will be on supermarket shelves and in supermarket counters quicker. Same-day produce and dairy deliveries from local suppliers ensure customers receive their favorite food products fresher. Locally sourced products is a new concept which this supermarket is on board with to satisfy customer demands. With their quality products coming from a tracable location, customers can rest assured of their safety while shopping from this fresh kosher chicken market.

More Specialized Departments

Fresh products in KOSHERLAND supermarket are coming increasingly from very specialized departments. These include artisan bakeries, market fresh fish and seafood departments, gourmet cheese departments, and produce departments offering more organic food.

Artisan in-store bakeries (with products baked fresh daily) are providing bread and other goods with unbleached flour and healthy whole grains. Specialized departments focusing on all-natural products are moving away from products containing MSG. Moreover, they’re catering to consumers’ wishes for low-sodium, low or no sugar, and also gluten-free products.


Online shopping and home delivery: KOSHERLAND fresh kosher chicken market enables their customers to shop online through their website. They then receive fresh, handpicked grocery items from stores in their area, often delivered to them in less than an hour. Customers can also schedule when exactly they wish to receive their deliveries.

Premier Prepared Foods: Food-to-go

With many families pressed for time because of work and other demanding schedules, food-to-go is very appealing. KOSHERLAND fresh kosher chicken market has established a better deli/prepared food counters with complete meal offerings for busy consumers. These counters go well beyond the typically sliced lunch meat offerings.

Customers can pick up a family dinner after they’ve perused the grocery store and done their grocery shopping. Instead of a trip to a casual sit-down restaurant or fast-food outlet, they can take a prepared meal home. The trend here is grocery stores offering healthy take-home food choices. The forecast is that retail” food-to-go” sales will increase considerably in the coming years.


For all your kosher needs KOSHERLAND is the ideal shopping destination for you. Here, you will access the best prices, services, and quality products. For more information, visit their website;


Phone: 305 – 866 – 6993


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