Kosher diet Foods Bal Harbour Surfside and Indian Creek Island

Kosher diet Foods Bal Harbour Surfside and Indian Creek Island

Basically Jews have very strict rules when it comes to food stuff. In fact, such things as a meat and milk mixture are prohibited, there’s rabbinical supervision as well as certification for vegetables, fruits etc.

Today, kosher diet foods means foods that have been certified by any kosher company e.g Organized Kashrut Laboratories. Here, inspection of food items including checking of the vat, ovens, containers, conveyor belts, packing machinery and materials are carried out. They’re easily found in the market and are normally marked with U or K or a Star- K, to distinguish them from the others.

For kosher pickles, they’re similar to dill pickles and the only difference is that the former are made under supervision of rabbi, which makes sure that no other utensils come in contact with this food except the ones designated to do so. In a simpler language, they’re prepared in the traditional Jewish way of manufacturing pickles, which by the way makes use of large amounts of garlic added to vinegar brine.

Ingredients used include; salt, water, cucumbers, garlic, dried dills and dill seeds. For the recipe; place sliced cucumbers in a water bath, add salt and ice cubes. On a large cooking pot, add the other ingredients. After 2 hours, dip the slices of cucumbers in brine mixture and leave them for 12 to 24 hours. Next, put the cucumbers in pickling jars, add brine, seal the jars and then refrigerate. After some time, the pickles will start fermenting. However, make sure you use utensils in conformity with the Jewish law.

Kosher diet food is not just food but the symbol of Jewish culture. It originated from the Jewish laws of Kashrut. To a non Jewish person kosher is assumed to be those foods that are associated with the Jewish faith. In fact that is not true. It states clearly the foods that a practicing Jewish person is allowed to eat. It specifies the animals and parts of animals that are permitted to be eaten. It states what organizations are qualified to sanction the foods of Kashruth.

First, it is important to understand that being kosher is more than just what you eat, but how it is prepared, stored and eaten. It is a lifestyle not just a diet. Strict adherence to the rules is very important to an Orthodox Jewish person. Much time is spent by Jewish women preparing their home so it considered Kosher in the eyes of the halakha.

Secondly, we are all familiar with the term kosher style. This usually refers to non-kosher food, but are prepared in the kosher style. Kosher style food doesn’t usually include food from forbidden animals. Usually they dairy products are not mixed with meat products. This is forbidden by Jewish dietary law. Jew who are strictly kosher will only eat out in a restaurant that is Glatt Kosher. Those Jewish that consider themselves Kosher style will eat out in restaurants.

Lastly, Jewish food has become popular in this country among people of all cultures and religions. It has become a part of the American eating scene. What city of any size doesn’t have a Jewish Deli. Bagels in America are an alternative to the doughnut. But when you think of kosher food stop and remember that it is not just part of Jewish pop culture, but a life style as old and as proud as the sacred Jewish religion is.


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