Best Kosher Food Market Option in Miami, Florida

Kosher Food Miami. The only Bal Harbour, Bay Harbor and Surfside Kosher Food Market

Kosher Food Miami

Kosher Food Miami

Kosher Food Miami. A big Subject nowadays for the people spending vacations in Miami, Florida.  Thank Gd, most of the visitors speed not a few days in town, most of them are here for two, three weeks o even a month, and go to kosher restaurants day in and day out is kind of expensive, that’s besides of good kosher restaurants, the visitors try to find a kosher food market in a short walk distance in order to buy food for Sabbath, kosher snacks for our kids. That is why the fist question that come to your mind once you are going to decide your next stay in Miami, Florida is:

There is a Kosher Food Market available next to my Hotel? And the answer is YES!!!, if you are going to stay in Bal Harbour, Bay Harbor or Surfside

Kosherland, is the only the only Bal Harbour Bay Harbor and Surfside Kosher Food Market option for your next vacations in Miami, Florida. Best Selection of Kosher Products.

Kosherland is a Kosher Market located at 9467 Harding Ave, Surfside, FL 33154 two blocks from Bal Harbour Shops, next to “The Shul – Chabad Surfside Main Synagogue”, Maguen David (Syrian Synagogue), Hechal Shalom (Moroccan Synagogue) and Yough Israel (Ashkenaz Synagogue). Also we are next to Grand Beach Hotel (Surfside and Bay Harbor Branch), SeaView hotel and much more!

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Shabbat Menu Take Out · Specials · Kosher Wine Best Selection · More About Us

What we can offer you?

  • We sell dairy products only Chalav Israel, look just a sample of the dairy gallery of products
  • Best Selection & Cuts of Meats. We have American Prime, Grass Fed, Bet Yosef and More (Learn About Kosher Meat)
  • Best Kosher Wine Selection (Check Our List of Wines)
  • Our Chickens are RAISED WITHOUT the use of ANTIBIOTICS
  • Take Out for all your Shabbat needs. (Check Our Menu)
  • Hot plate Rental with your Takeout order.  (upon availability)
  • Special treats for your Shabbat table.
  • Regular and Healthy snacks for your kids!
  • Kosherland has the best selection of Fresh Fish Fillets!!
  • and much more, come visit us!!

Kosherland Kosher Food Market is under the supervention of Kosher Miami (KM)

Need more information? Contact Us

Address: 9467 Harding Ave, Surfside, Fl 33154 (MAP)

Phone: 305 – 866 – 6993

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