kosher food near me Surfside

kosher food near me Surfside

kosher food near me Surfside, Kosher food is defined as food permitted to the Jewish people by Biblical law.

This is the third of three articles on keeping kosher. We have previously described:
1) Permitted species
2) kosher slaughter
3) Forbidden foods
4) Forbidden mixtures.

The next step is to use this knowledge to make sure that you keep your home kosher.
This step has two parts:

Purchase only kosher food and Avoid combining foods which are not meant to be eaten together.

1) Buying your kosher food supplies. This sounds simple and is truly not complicated.
Just remember that there is more to keeping kosher than some people think. Use a reliable certification agency. Finding agencies that certify only kosher establishments is not difficult. Consult your Orthodox rabbi or use our resource below. Look for a sign of kosher status in any shop or service you use like a bakery or a caterer. On packaged products look for a kosher symbol, the trademark of the specific agency. In summary form, that is how you ensure that everything, when it first arrives at your home, is kosher food near me Surfside.

2) Once the food is in your house, your next task is to avoid forbidden mixtures.
That takes some planning and know how.

The main things to separate are meat and milk. Keep all foods consisting even partly of any dairy ingredient from contact with foods that may contain meat.
The mixture may not be eaten, cooked or used.

What happens if you make a mistake? Things can get tricky. Food status transfers in a potentially endless chain reaction. The pot used for chicken soup or beef stew is now a “meat pot”. If you add milk by mistake the pot and the food might now not be kosher. If you taste the food with a spoon, it might not be kosher… If you wash that spoon in your sink,
the sink might not be kosher. So it can go, but it doesn’t have to. Transfer of food status is a complex matter studied in rabbinic seminaries and a rabbi should usually be consulted.


It may be that the pot can be made kosher food near me Surfside at and the rabbi can show you how. It may be that the food and the pot are still kosher so always ask.

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