Kosher food Shabbos Miami

Kosher food Shabbos Miami

Kosher food Shabbos Miami, KosherLand is a supermarket found in the historically popular beach of Miami or Surfside on The Harding Avenue and Ninety Four street. Kosher food Shabbos Miami offers a wide range of food products and services to the customers and consumers, ranging from Take-outs to bakery products. A section of taking out also comprises the Deli, and these sections offer quality meat of unique nature. The turkey is also available in this section. It also has a butcher where Prime beef from America is cut by the expert butcher bu name Nathan. A section of wine is also great, comprising of sixty-five diverse types of wine across the globe.

Other sections such as groceries, cookies and fresh bread are also available. Kosherlandmarket operates from Sunday up to Friday.

At the Kosherland you shall find the following in abundance: Take out, dairy meat and products, meat, bakery among other food products you may require. These products are described in details below:

Take out

This section at Kosher food Shabbos Miami is more than satisfactory to your Shabbos Dinner. Hot varieties of food, appetizers, and salad that are home-made are offered, especially on Thursday and Friday. You can either order food online or in person. You can either take it at home or at the hotel room.


At Kosherland, the only Chalav Yisroel cheeses, puddings, yogurts, milk, and chocolates. It is the largest of all selections and less expensive Chalov Yisroel dairy product in the southern Florida.

Meat Products.

osherlandmarket is the best and the only in the Southern Florida which exclusively provide Yosef Fresh beef of American origin that has not been frozen previously. It is usually available for dinner. Kosherland is also recognized for its salmon quality. It comes after every two days. It is cut while on the premises.


If you need any selection of baked products, ranging from breast to any other wheat product, be assured to find it in Kosherland. white bread, bagels, whole wheat, French Challa. Kosherlandmarket only sells fresh products, not even a day old.

In a nutshell, Kosherlandmarket offers a wide range of food products of unique quality to the customers. The above-discussed products are only but a section pf the food products that are available in Kosher Food Shabbos Miami. It attracts customers from all over the world who love just having a meal at Kosher because of its high-performance standards and flexibility to meet the demands and needs of people with varied diversities. If you need a meal, simply call in at Kosherlandmarket and stay sure of satisfaction. Kosherlandmarket serves her customers online as well as physically. You can book at Kosherland via

for more information about Kosher food Shabbos Surfside.


Phone: 305 – 866 – 6993

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