Kosher food Shabbos Surfside

Kosher food Shabbos Surfside

Kosher food Shabbos Surfside, Keeping kosher means that one follows the Biblical law regarding foods permitted to the Jewish people. An earlier article listed which species of living things are permitted. It also described the slaughtering method, shehitah, the only way flesh of acceptable animals and birds is ever allowed. This article is about two more aspects of keeping Kosher food Shabbos Surfside with the help of


Except for the blood, all of them can be eliminated with a knife by a trained expert. Removing blood is more complicated. It must be done shortly after slaughter. After the blood veins have been removed, the cuts of meat are soaked in cold water and then sprinkled with coarse (koshering) salt. The salt draws the blood to the surface to be washed away. The meat is then soaked a second time. All of this is usually done at the slaughterhouse or butcher shop.

Note: Consuming any amount of blood is a serious violation of Jewish law. As a Kosher food Shabbos Surfside consumer, there is a specific occasion when you may be unprotected from this violation. That is when you purchase fresh unprocessed liver. The blood of liver is not always removed at the slaughterhouse or by your butcher. Blood cannot be extracted from the liver by the usual salting method because of the volume of blood. The liver must be broiled over a flame to be made kosher with all blood removed. This is often left to the end user. If you don’t know how to consult an Orthodox rabbi or see below.

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