Kosher Market Miami

Kosher Market Miami

Kosher Market Miami, Kosherland is your one-top-shop for all things kosher! We know what it’s like when you walk into a regular supermarket and have to walk up aisle upon aisle to track down the kosher section, which is probably nowhere near the size that caters to your kosher diet requirements. That is why we’re in business today, to provide the Jewish community convenience through our kosher products readily available in our Miami Kosher supermarket.

When it comes to our products, they are free of all antibiotics and hormones and our chickens are always fresh and our beef is grass fed. By supplying grass fed beef only, you’re eating beef that comes with a much lower fat content than any other meat, it is actually similar to that of a skinless chicken breast!
Not only do we offer an enticing selection of groceries, freshly baked breads and cookies, but we also look after your drinking palette through our grand selection of red and white kosher wines. Our selection is unmatched and we’re certain that these wines will pair up nicely with any of the food items you purchase at our friendly Supermarket.

Essentially you can always rely on the best service, price and selection and can now order online at and we will ship anywhere in the USA. If ordering online isn’t to your kosher taste, then you can find us on Harding Avenue and 94 street in Miami beach in the Surfside retail district, just two blocks down from Bal Harbour Shops. We are open Sunday to Friday.

Our take-out section Kosherland Market now has an amazing take out section where you can order and expect to walk away with your healthy kosher meal in just minutes! So, for all you Shabbos lovers who don’t have the time to cook up a 5-course meal, we’ll cater to you and your guests, leaving them thinking you made the meal yourself! With a large selection of salads and hot food, we’ll have everything you need to make sure you’re still celebrating Shabbos the way you did when your Ima was making it.

Kosherland – serving the Jewish Community of Miami
We’re also renowned for the quality of our Salmon and have breads that will leave your moth watering on a daily basis. Be it rye, white, whole wheat, bagels, Challah or French baguettes, we have them all and you’ll never taste one of these on a day they weren’t baked.

Visit us instore or online at and see to all your strict kosher needs!
Phone: 305 – 866 – 6993

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