kosher Meat Market Miami

kosher Meat Market Miami, kosher Meat Market Miami is a supermarket that is in Miami Beach(Surfside) on Harding Avenue, 94 street just two blocks away from Bal Harbour shops. At Kosher they offer a rich variety of specialties including a butcher section that serves prime American beef, a selection of more than 65 different wines from around the globe, a section of freshly baked bread, cookies, groceries, a deli section and takeout where they serve turkey Panini and unique hot meat. They are always open from Sunday to Friday.

At Kosher market you will find Bet Yosef American beef that is fresh and hasn’t been frozen. This makes them the only store in Florida providing such meat. They have a wonderful display of fresh prime beef, lamb, and veal. the butcher is your man here and is always on hand to cut you any piece of meat that you didn’t find on the shelves. They also offer fresh and quality Salmon which comes in from Scotland after every two days and its cut on the premises. The quality and freshness of their salmon have earned them a good reputation from their large customer base.

They have a large section for takeout of your Shabbos. They have a display of homemade salads, hot food and appetizers that are waiting for you every Thursday and Friday. The good thing about the Shabbos dinner is, you can carry it and eat it in the comfort of your home or in your hotel room. Ordering your Shabbos meal is also easy and can be done online at, kosher Meat Market Miami or you can drive there and choose whatever you like.

Kosher market has a variety of fresh selection of daily bread: bagels, whole white, challah, white, French baguettes, and Rye. They keep everything fresh and they have a strict policy when it comes to selling bread that is more than a day old.

Kosher market is well known for offering the largest and least expensive Challah Israel dairy godson in the whole of South Florida. They are also the only store that offers Challah Israel yogurts, puddings, cheeses, chocolates and milk.

As many customers will tell you, there is no better place in the whole of Miami to get your meat. The same compliment can be echoed when talking about their daily bread, groceries, and seafood. It’s no wonder this is the place where most restaurants in the area get their products.

Phone: 305 – 866 – 6993

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