Kosher meat market Surfside Bal Harbour Miami

Kosher meat market Surfside Bal Harbour Miami

Kosher meat market Surfside Bal Harbour Miami, when you go to a supermarket, it is not just the variety of products that matter but the freshness of them. This is especially in case of dairy, meat and bakery products. Kosher meat market Miami is one such place where you can find the best of these products, all in one place. In here, every type of meat and dairy product you buy is organic since the animals are fed grass and other nutritious natural food.

Fresh cut meat every time
At Kosher meat market, you do not get to see frozen meat as every slice of meat you buy here is fresh cut. Hence you can expect them to be highly nutritious and tastes good as well. And it is the only store in the whole of Florida where you can find bet Yosef fresh American beef. You can also find veal, lamb and salmon, all fresh and of superior quality. Here, you can find all varieties of dairy products such as milk, cheese, butter, chocolates, yogurts, etc. Even the bakery menu has a plethora of varieties you can choose from. All the bakery products that are sold here are freshly made the same day and they never sell previous day’s leftovers.

The wine sections
Along with a complete range of grocery products, you can find exclusive wine section too. You can find all types of wines in different flavors. There is a fine collection of wine range from Australia, Israel, Italy, Chile, France and USA that you can buy here. You can get a list of all wines from their website So, you need not go anywhere else to pair your favorite wine with the meat you buy.

Delicious food menu
You can find a huge food menu at that you can plan on grabbing when you visit the store. It has salads, beef, veal, fish, sides, chicken and various other mouthwatering dishes. There are plenty of desserts that you can enjoy here when you come here to shop. It is definitely a whole new experience that Kosher meat market Miami offers and one that will make you visit more frequently.

Order on phone
Kosher provide home delivery of all your requirements from its store too. So, you can visit the website and make a list and order over the phone.

Kosher meat market Surfside Bal Harbour Miami
Phone: 305 – 866 – 6993

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