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Kosher Meat in Miami. Best Cuts. Best Selection


Kosher Meat Miami. Thank Gd there are a lot of places where to buy kosher meat in Miami, being that the Jewish community in Miami is growing daily and on top of that Miami, is now one of the most desired places for vacations of the Jewish from Toronto, Montreal, New York, Mexico, Argentina, Panama, Venezuela and many more…

The only problem is that each person or each family have his own demands in relation to the Kashrut type of meat or there are other people who have health conditions that don’t allow us to eat all kinds of Kosher Meats.

Kosherland Supermarket in order to satisfy everyone has dedicated and is dedicated to having ALWAYS AVAILABLE different type of Kosher Meats.

Which types of Kosher Meat Kosherland carried?

  • American Primer Kosher Meat
  • Grass Fed Kosher Meat
  • Solomon Bet Yosef Kosher Meat

In another occasion, we created a series of videos where we explained a guide on how to buy kosher meat and the proper way to choose them. How to buy kosher meat in Miami?


Benefits to buy in Kosherland

  • We have a butcher on the premises in case you need a special cut or and special order for your home, event, etc.
  • We restock meat every day for the whole day until 4 pm in order that you can have always fresh kosher meat in your table
  • Not only meat, but we also carry a selection of poultry and dish for those that don’t eat meat at all!

Only raw meat?

No, we have also a section of prepared food where you will find different kosher meat dishes ready to go as for example:

  • Beef stew teriyaki
  • Roast beef loin wine sauce or teriyaki
  • Brisket roast marinated with gravy
  • Flanken ribs bbq sauce
  • Meatballs extra lean tomato sauce
  • Meat Moroccan cigars
  • Beef Kibbeh
  • Meatballs extra lean sweet and sour sauce
  • Lachmagin Individual
  • Beef Cholent
  • Veal shoulder roast champagne and mushroom
  • Veal balls extra lean tomato and rosemary
  • Lamb shoulder bone in a roast honey garlic rosemary

You can buy them in our store or online

No Sandwiches?
Yes, Did you ever try our delicious Panini? Only at Kosherland. The Famous Kosher Beef or Turkey Panini. READY AND HOT IN 3 MINUTES. $8.99 to $10.99.

In KOSHERLAND SUPERMARKET we serve with kosher food to all the communities from Surfside, Bay Harbour, Bay Harbor, Sunny Isles, and Miami Beach

So, what are you waiting for, come to visit us at KOSHERLAND SUPERMARKET to buy the best selection and cuts of kosher meat in Miami

For more information Visit Kosherland Supermarket at 9467 HARDING AVE SURFSIDE – FL 33154, OR Call us today (305) 866 – 6993 or Contact us thru our website.

Kosher Meat Miami, 9467 HARDING AVE SURFSIDE – FL 33154, (305) 866 – 6993

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