Kosher Supermarket Miami Beach Bal Harbour Surfside Indian Creek Island

Kosher Supermarket Miami Beach Bal Harbour Surfside Indian Creek Island

Kosher Supermarket Miami Beach Bal Harbour Surfside Indian Creek Island

If you are still wondering whether or not to shop at Kosherland supermarket for all of your kosher products, then the answer is, “yes.” Below are the benefits that you will enjoy for buying from Miami Beach kosher supermarket.

You Are Guaranteed Of Quality

If eating and living healthy is vital to you, then you are sure that buying your products from Miami Beach kosher supermarket will offer you just that. It’s only at this supermarket’s dairy section that you are assured of getting CHALAV ISROEL yoghurts, puddings, cheeses, chocolates, and milk. At the beef section, you get exclusively bet Yosef fresh and quality American beef that has never been previously frozen and fresh salmon exclusively from Scotland. This salmon are not only cut at the premises but also brought in every two days. For your Shabbos diner or BBQ, you can buy any of the fresh American prime Veal, lamb or beef and for any piece of your preferred meet that wasn’t on the shelf, you just request Nathan the butcher to cut it for you. At the bakery, get fresh bagels, whole wheat, white, Rye, French and Challa baguettes. Bread that has stayed for over 24 hours will not be sold here.

Also, cleanliness is vital in this supermarket, from the dress cord of bakery, dairy and all other attendants, you can be guaranteed that you are getting clean products. The products used for cleaning utensils, the floor, aprons and all other surfaces are eco-friendly to ensure that your health is well catered for.

You Are Assured Of Fast and Flexible Service Delivery

No one wants to waste so much time in a supermarket just because the cashiers are few and the supermarket seems full. At Kosherland, this is a thing of the past. They not only employ fast and experienced staff, but also have several of them to meet the demand at their store. In addition, to order a hot meal or turkey Panini, it takes just three minutes to have it ready. Isn’t this amazing?

It’s so flexible because you get to choose where to eat your delicious Shabbos Diner. Whether it is any homemade hot food, appetizer, or salad, you have an option of eating at the store, hotel room or at home. Also you can place your order in advance online or visit the supermarket and choose a meal that meets your requirements.

Their Prices Are Affordable

The good news is that whether it’s that Glatt kosher beef, Chalav Isroel dairy, or sabbat and holiday menu, the price you get is relatively low. The supermarket buys products in large quantities and gets discounts. It’s this big discounts received that the supermarket passes to the consumer as low price per commodity.

Also, you can get one of the many discounts that the supermarket offers. This means that the price will be reduced further. For example, like a month ago, you would get a 10% off your whole shopping for every $50 that you donated to store’s Food Bank Account.

They Offer Customized Services

All you need is to make an online order, write an email to them or give the supermarket a call detailing your specifications. You will surely get a delivery as per your requirements. In addition, the company offers shipping to anywhere in the USA. This is an assurance that the quality that you get will not be tampered with just because you have relocated.

They Offer a Variety of Products

If you need groceries or bread, you will be sure to get your preferred variety stocked in this supermarket. The wines section stocks at least 65 different brands of wine collected from all over the world. This is an indication that at Miami Beach Kosher supermarket, you will get all you need.


Actually, this list is endless. If you are from Florida, anywhere in the USA or belong to the Jewish Community of Surfside, Bal harbour, Indian Creek Island and Bay Harbour Islands, then shopping at KosherLand supermarket is the best decision you can make. All your kosher need will be fulfilled in this great Miami Beach Kosher supermarket.



Phone: 305 – 866 – 6993

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