Kosher Supermarket Miami

Kosher Supermarket Miami


Kosher Supermarket Miami, the kosher supermarket is a modern supermarket located in 94 street and Harding Avenue in Miami Beach. The supermarket has all the things a shopper would be looking. Inside there is a wine collection, a grocery store, a dairy, a butchery and a bakery.

Kosher land Butchery
The kosher supermarket has a well-established section for selling meat products. The butchery section is the only store in Florida that provides bet yoself fresh meat that is from America. The meat is super fresh and is not refrigerated. The butchery is a large section and the display is also beautiful with meat products available such as veal, lamb, and beef that is American prime.

They also have a ready butcher to cut for the customer’s meat that is not available on the shelf. They offer barbecue and Shabbos dinner. This type of butcher is one of its kind are has gained a good reputation for the quality of Salmon and also for its freshness. The Salmon are exclusively imported all the way from Scotland. The Salmon is delivered after every two days and is cut on the premises.

Kosher land Wine
The supermarket has a collective collection of 65 different wines from all over the world. some of the countries include; Italy, Spain, France, Israel chile while other wines are from within the United States of America such as Rashi red wine.

Kosher land Meals
The supermarket has asset section that offers dinner. The section has a full and very beautiful display of homemade salad, homemade appetizers, and homemade food. On Thursday and Friday, they offer the delicious Shabbos dinner delivered at your hotel or at home, wherever you prefer. You can pre-order your Shabbos meal and make preference or specialize he you want it to be prepared to suit you.

Kosher land dairy
The kosher land market has a dairy store that boasts as the only store that provides the challah Yisroel yogurt, chocolate, puddings, cheese, and milk. It is the largest section and has a wide collection of dairy products from different dairy companies. They are also cheaper Challah Israel dairy goods in South Florida.

Kosher land bakery
The supermarket has a butchery inside. This means there is a daily endless supply of fresh bread: white bread, rye bread, French baguettes bread, whole wheat bread, bagels bread, challah bread. The bread is baked in the supermarket and sold. At kosher land just minutes fresh bread they never sell a day-old bread.

Kosher Supermarket Miami
Phone: 305 – 866 – 6993

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