Kosherland Supermarket for the Finest Kosher Foods in Florida

Kosherland Supermarket for the Finest Kosher Foods in Florida


Kosherland Supermarket for the Finest Kosher Foods in Florida, Kosherland Supermarket along Harding Avenue, Surfside offers you the best in kosher foods. In fact, you will find an excellent selection of dairy, meat, fish, and baked products at this supermarket.

– Dairy Products: Kosherland offers you chalav Yisrael yogurts, cheeses, puddings, chocolate, and milk at affordable prices. The selection is broad. The quality is high.

– Meaty Products: Kosherland provides you with a selected choice of Beit Yosef meat that is fresh and tasty. You can choose beef, veal, or lamb. They are ideal for barbecue dinners during Shabbos Dinners. Do not fret if you do not find the piece of meat you are looking for on the shelves. Just tell the butcher. He will prepare it for you.

– Fish Products: Kosherland is famous for its Salmon, which is fresh at all times. Moreover, it comes from Scotland exclusively every two days. The cutting of this Scottish import occurs at Kosherland supermarket.

– Baked Products: At Kosherland, you will get a daily selection of high-quality bread including rye, bagel, whole wheat, and white bread. You can also find Challah & French baguettes among other baked products at Kosherland Supermarket.

You cannot eat these products alone without a little wine for your digestive system. Kosherland understands this principle, and that is why it has the best wines at the supermarket. The wine selection comes from sixty-five different nations including Israel, Italy, Australia, and Chile among others. Some of the brands include Bartenura, which is a grape variety wine and Gabriele, which is a Rosato grape variety wine.

Kosherland is the place to go if you are looking for a Kosher Market Miami. Here, you will find the best products in addition to the highest quality of customer care anywhere in Miami. Kosherland offers delivery services as well. Just click on and order your preferred products. Kosherland will get them to you quicker than any other kosher delivery food service in Miami.

It is also worth noting that Kosherland accepts EBT cards making your purchasing process convenient if you do not use cash frequently. Order your takeout delicacies from Kosherland today. The supermarket has an incredible selection for you including appetizers, salads, and hot food. You can order them on Thursdays or Fridays for your Shabbos Dinner. We will deliver it to your home or hotel room. You can even order your meal in advance for convenience purposes so call us today on 305.866.69.93. You can also visit us at Harding Avenue.

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