KosherLand Supermarket Surfside Bal Harbour Miami

KosherLand Supermarket Surfside Bal Harbour Miami

The KOSHERLAND is a friendly kosher supermarket which is located in Miami Beach on Harding Avenue and 94 street two blocks away from Bal Harbour Shops. It really features meat from around the world, kosher food products, and wines. In Kosherland Supermarket they are rich of quality products which they deliver the entire world.
All your kosher needs are taken care at Kosherland so just come in at Kosherland Supermarket and you will get out smiling with good and high-quality products ranging from following sections: Takeout, meat, dairy, bakery, wines and grocery.

Take out
In Kosherland there you will get a large section of take out for you Shabbos diner. There is plenty of full and so beautiful displays of homemade hot food, appetizers, salads etc. On Thursday and Fridays, you will be able to have your delicious Shabbos dinner at home or at your hotel room. Also at Kosherland you can place an order for Shabbos meal online in advance or just you come in and choose what is favorite. Still in takeout section you will find hot meat and turkey Panini which are ready in just 3 minutes.

The Kosherland is the only in Florida who usually provide exclusive bet Yosef fresh American beef which has never been frozen previously. Take time and go in Kosherland and you will meet with a beautiful large selection of fresh American prime beef, lamb and veal just waiting you for that your BBQ or for that your delicious Shabbos diner. Nathan the butcher will cut for you any size of meet that you have lacked in shelves. The freshness and quality of Kosherland Salmon places it on the map. So, can you take action go in Kosherland and do your shopping. Remember not to come alone, come with your friend so that you can all experience the quality product and quality services offered.

The Kosherland is the only type of it which provides only Challah Israel cheeses, puddings, milk, yoghurt chocolates. It’s the largest selection and expensive less Challah Israel dairy in South Florida.

The Kosherland is the mother of fresh daily breads. Selections raging from, Whole wheat, bagels, challah, rye and French baguettes. Whenever you get bread at Kosherland know it’s less day old since it doesn’t sell any bread day old. So, feel comfortable to get one without doubting the freshness.

For you who you like taking high class beer and the best quality, then this is yours. At Kosherland there are over 65 selections of very high-quality beer from all part of the world which you will be able to it maximally. Go in Kosherland and you feel at your target with all types of wines you like.

The Kosherland has a grocery section which is the leading in offering all types of fresh daily breads and cookies. Here you will be able to get all your grocer needs catered. Just have time to go and select what you like most. For you who you are asking which days is the supermarket opened, get it clear Kosherland is opened from Sunday to Friday.

kosherLand Supermarket Surfside Bal Harbour Miami
Phone: 305 – 866 – 6993

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