Kosherland: Your Kosher Dairy Market in Miami Beach Bal Harbour Surfside Indian Creek Island

Kosherland: Your Kosher Dairy Market in Miami Beach Bal Harbour Surfside Indian Creek Island

Kosherland Supermarket happily serves the Jewish communities of Miami Beach Bal Harbour Surfside Indian Creek Island. Kosherland is the only Kosher dairy market in the state of Florida that sells never frozen BET YOSEF fresh American beef exclusively. If you are looking for the best quality beef, veal or lamb for your Shabbos dinner or backyard barbeque, you’ll find it here. Our butcher, Nathan, is always happy to cut any meat if you can’t find it in our beautiful display.

Here in our Kosher dairy market, you’ll also find a wide selection of CHALAV ISROEL dairy products including yogurts, cheeses, milk, chocolates and puddings. In fact, we are the ONLY KOSHER store to cary this brand exclusively at the least expensive prices in South Florida.

In addition to quality meats and exclusive dairy products, our Kosher dairy market is proud to offer our customers fresh-baked bread on a daily basis. Choose from white, wheat and rye breads, Challa or French baguettes that are always fresh-baked the same day. We never sell day-old bread at Kosherland Supermarket.

Lastly, to make shopping with us complete and your lives easier, we offer a complete take-out display full of the tastiest foods for your Shabbos dinner. Our beautiful display contains a wide selection of appetizers, salads, hot foods and more specially made on Thursdays and Fridays to make preparing for your Shabbos dinner quick and easy. We take the advanced orders for your Shabbos meal, or you can come into our store and choose what you want.

Here at Kosherland Supermarket, we pride ourselves on being your number one choice for Kosher food and drink. Our Kosher dairy market serves the Jewish communities in the Surfside shopping district with the best Kosher wines, meats, dairy products, fresh breads and tasty take-out. You can trust you’re getting the best quality foods because we only sell grassfed beef full of healthy omega-6 and omega-3 antioxidants, as well as hormone and antibiotic-free fresh chicken.

Located just two blocks from Bal Harbor shops on the corner of Harding and 94th street, our Kosher dairy market is easy to find. Come on in and browse our wide selection or order your next Shabbos meal. We also have a website located at where you can learn more about us, find great deals and specials and view an image gallery full of the delicious and impressive foods you’ll find inside our store.

For more information on our Kosherland: Your Kosher Dairy Market in Miami Beach Bal Harbour Surfside Indian Creek Island


Phone: 305 – 866 – 6993

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