Meat Kosher Market Miami

Meat Kosher Market Miami


If you love Kosher – anything that is fit for consumption according to Jewish law, then Kosherland market is the best place for you. This is a supermarket that meets all your kosher needs.
Kosherland supermarket is situated along the Harding Avenue in 94 Street, just within Miami Surfside.
At Kosherland, everything is super unique, from a wonderful wine section offering a variety of wines, an amazing butcher where you will find your preferred Prime American Beef to a variety of cookies, snacks, and groceries. Kosherland is an all-in-one haven for customers.

What’s Hot in Kosherland

Great Dairy Products
Do you love Challah Israel cheeses? How about the chocolates? At Kosherland, there a unique kosher store that ensures your love for Challah Israel puddings, milk, chocolates and yoghurts is catered for. It provides a variety of selections and at a relatively cheap price.

Unique Meat Section
Being the only place, you will find Prime Fresh American beef across Florida, you are sure to experience a tasteful bite as you enjoy the breeze on the beach. There is a large and unique selection of the American prime beef, with the butcher ready to find you a piece of meat that you might have missed from the shelves.
Salmon lovers are also at a haven. The Salmon comes from Scotland and buyers are always assured of its quality and freshness.

Awesome Take-outs
Sometimes you might want the convenience of taking a Shabbos dinner at home. That is why Kosherland got you a take-out section offering this meal for you.
Customers are also free to order food or come and make their own selection.

Fresh Bakery Products
The bakery provides an exclusive list of bread. From bagels, Challah, white, rye to French baguettes, you can be sure to have fresh loaves of bread any time want. A day-old bread is not meant for sale at Kosherland. That’s how serious Kosherland are when it comes to giving customers the best quality.

Kosherland Food Specials
Kosherland Market provides a variety of food specials from certified non-frozen vegetables, meat, wines to dairy products. These are all meant to ensure full customer satisfaction. Some of the food specials you will find in Kosherland include; Shabbat takeout’s; pure chicken which are free from antibiotics and hormones; huge selection of grouper, tuna, corvina and other fresh fish fillets; Shabbat hot plate rentals; a natural grass-fed beef; Panini which is ready in only three minutes and quality wines with an amazing discount among many more. Kosherland comes up with wonderful food specials more often, so it’s good to keep in touch with the market for the latest.

The Kosherland market is a perfect partner for all your dietary needs. Whether you are trying to lose or gain some weight, the market is an ideal point for all you need, thanks to the variety of food specials available.
For any specials, contact the new game changer on 305.866.69.93

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