Miami Dairy Kosher Market

Miami Dairy Kosher Market

Miami Dairy Kosher Market, dairy does lots of good to our body, and it has a unique contribution to our daily diet, and that’s the reason the Kosher market is has a vast selection of your dairy takeout. We believe in healthy eating hence the reason for stocking only the best and less expensive dairy ranging from pudding, yogurts, cheese, milk and chocolate that are only CHAVAL ISRAEL.

Dairy foods are known as the primary source of calcium, zinc, riboflavin, B12, and potassium. Potassium is essential in giving our bodies a healthy blood pressure levels. Milk is fortified with the essential vitamin A and D. The calcium found in dairy products associated with protection of bones due to the synergistic effect and the many beneficial nutrients found in dairy. All the dairy food are provided protein, and at we have the best dairy take out for your daily consumption.

Your Health and Milk
The best milk choice for anyone is low-fat with at least 1% of milk and non-fat ones. The 1% of milk contains 100 calories, and at least 2 grams of fat and the non-fat milk has only 85 calories per every cup. You can choose from either ultra-high temperature milk that is heat-treated to kill spoilage bacteria or the fresh milk found on the store shelf.

Your Health and Yoghurt
At the Kosher supermarket, we have selected CHAVAL ISRAEL that is made with the best probiotic bacteria, and they confer health benefits to our bodies. Yogurt is known to rebalance our healthy flora of the large intestine and it ideal way of getting various milk nutrients in our bodies. They are the best for those suffering from lactose intolerant since yogurt has a bacterium that helps to digest the lactose hence reducing the gastrointestinal problems.

It’s advisable to reach for low-fat yogurt that contains active and live cultures, and the plain ones are always better than flavored since they have more calories and sugar.
The Kosher Dairy Take Out is must buy since it has the best balance of nutrients to keep your body active and healthy at affordable prices.

Miami Dairy Kosher Market
Phone: 305 – 866 – 6993

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