Miami Kosher Supermarket

Miami Kosher Supermarket

Miami Kosher Supermarket

When it comes to being spoilt with variety, Miamians have certainly got it made. It’s possible to find nearly any ingredient or foodstuff just right around any corner. The same can be said about Kosher supermarkets. We all know that finding one isn’t as difficult anymore, as it once used to be. Just a quick search on Google should return you at least a dozen stores which cater towards the Jewish community.

But, where exactly would you go for your American Prime Beef or your Cholov Yisroel dairies? After all, you wouldn’t want your big grocery list bumping into disappointment at the end of the day, would you?

Serving the neighborhoods of Bal Harbor, Bay Harbor Islands, Surfside, and Indian Creek Island, with the best Jewish foods, you’ll find a Kosher store which isn’t your regular supermarket – KosherLand!

A little about Kosher Food:

Before going any further, let’s a little talk about what Kosher really is. Kosher refers to the foods that adhere to traditional Jewish dietary law. These foods mainly come from ruminant animals and those that have split hooves, for e.g. cattle. Kosher food is pure and suitable for consumption. Another permissible dietary law is associated with Cholov Yisroel. This designation implies the milk of a dairy product was derived under the supervision of a religious Jew. Talking about Jewish cookery, it is closely linked to ‘Kashrut’ and ‘Schochet’ which distinctly instruct what is permitted and what’s not.

So, what can you find at KosherLand – you may ask?

In KosherLand, you will find almost everything that you may in every other supermarket. And, of course – a lot more of ethnic Jewish products! But, as mentioned earlier, everything sold in this supermarket is tailored towards Kosher dietary regulations. From packed nuts and seeds to baby foods, from baking items to all marinates and sauces, and from fresh raw meat and fish to ready-to-eat meals, you name it – they’ve got it!

Their customers have genuinely praised the quality of their meats! Besides, it doesn’t require any rocket science to figure out what’s behind all the admiration.

The supermarket sells meat products free from any growth hormones or GMO products, whether it is chicken, beef, or lamb. Their most popular beef meats are the American Beef and the South-American Beef, obtained from corn-fed and grain/grass-fed cattle respectively. And, did we mention about their exemplary Solomon Yosef Beef – the supermarket’s signature meat grade unique to this region of Miami? This marvel is one of the favorites in the neighborhood!

Or, if your robust American obsession is giving a call, why not get the American-Prime Beef perfect for some mouthwatering-Barbeque!

All their meat are fresh and they’ve perhaps never even known what “frozen” means!

Oh, and we kid you not, their seafood miscellany is as lavish as the yield of a fine catch! Don’t tell this secret to anyone, but their Salmon is imported all the way from Scotland! That too, twice every week!

What about dairy?

As most might know, the dairy is a cardinal fragment of the Jewish diet. And when it comes to foods that abide by dietary Kosher regulations, KosherLand stays far ahead of its competition! As indicated previously, this Miami Kosher supermarket pays close attention that their products have the Cholov Yisroel designation. Selected to comply with contemporary Jewish laws, this Kosher supermarket’s milk, yogurts, cheese, chocolate and a lot more, are delivered from trusted companies reputed for processing pure Cholov Yisroel assorted products. An inside look at the differences between these dairy products would justify the hype associated with Kosher dairy.

Something we cannot miss – The Wine!

How about planning on a Pivot – one red, one white, and both garrisoned within the kosher path. Or, are you more into Cabernet?

Worry not, because KosherLand takes pride in offering a luxurious array of well-sorted wines to the likes of every visitor. From sickly-sweet cordon to ordinary grape-forges, you can clearly find wine’s well-preserved 5,000-year-old connection with Judaism in this supermarket.

The Shabbat Menu

Shabbat is the time after sunset on the Jewish weekend, associated with dining traditions eminent to the community. Not only does this supermarket stay open till a couple of hours before the start of the feasting traditions, but also offers a well prepared Shabbat dinner to anyone who desires. And the options are more than you can find in most high-end restaurants. Beef Stew Teriyaki, Stuffed Cabbage, Meat Moroccan Cigars, Beef Keebah, Lachmagin, Israeli Couscous, a bunch of salads, and a lot more are just a few of the items they have on offer!

Now, coming to the most important topic – The Price!

We know everything we said till now would be completely irrelevant if we have nothing good to say right now! Well, we are fully aware of that!

The best part of KosherLand is its attractively-priced products that do not try to break your bank. And, while everything is pleasantly-priced, your wallet might still feel a venture in restraint if you decide to arrive without a grocery list! After all, their shelves are so comprehensively-stocked, you’ll surely end up buying more than you had planned. So, gather your pennies, but be careful not to drop too much!

So, what makes this Miami Kosher supermarket stand-out?

We thought we’ve explained that enough, haven’t we? 

Koshland’s extensive stock of alluring fresh products catering to all Jewish dietary requirements without a compromise to quality and standard delivers a message that’s loud and clear! This Miami Kosher supermarket is truly standing, not only behind their products but also their valuable customers. And, when you visit them, one of the first things you would experience is smiles faces and an extended “Welcome” from the heart! If you don’t believe us, make your way to 9467 Harding Avenue Surfside and find it out yourself, what you might have been missing all this time!

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