Miami kosher wine

Miami kosher wine

Miami kosher wine, To some people throwing a dinner or cocktail party comes naturally. To others, hosting an event can be more of a challenge. If you tend to fall in the second camp, but would really love to host a successful party, you should most definitely start with a kosher wine tasting. Cocktail parties and dinner parties require serious menu planning and may be a tad overwhelming for someone who is inexperienced in planning an event of that scale. If you’d like to learn how to throw your own successful, Miami kosher wine tasting, check out this brief guide.

1) Compile the guest list and make some invitations. There are tons of great places online that can give you cool, creative invitation templates. If you’re feeling especially crafty, you can print them by hand on some nice cardstock and decorate them as you’d like. It’s best to send out the invites a week, maybe two weeks, in advance. If you send it out too early, some people may put it on the calendar and forget about it. If you send it too late, you run the risk of the guests having prior engagements.

2) Write a list of what types of Miami kosher wine you’d like at your tasting. You should go for variety and have a nice balance of white, red, and blush. Try to buy bottles of kosher wine that aren’t typically available at your nearby liquor store, something that you can be sure not many of people have tried. In order to get the best selection, you should probably take your search to a kosher wine store on the internet. At online kosher wine stores, you can get everything from an Australian Shiraz, to a Merlot from Israel, to good old Manischewitz wine. In addition to wine, you should have soda and coffee on hand for those looking for a little pick me up.

3) Make sure you have enough stem ware. You should have enough glasses ready for everyone and they should be polished to shine with no water spots or smudges. In addition to wine glasses, many wine connoisseurs like using wine carafes to aerate the wine and bring out the flavor after the bottle has been opened. These are always a good idea, just to have on hand for someone who prefers their reds be aerated.

4) Brief yourself on some information about your selections and maybe right them down. That way when everyone tastes their samples, you can seem like the knowledgeable host and offer all kinds of helpful facts and figures about the varietals.

5) Plan a light menu of easy snacks that go well with wines. Think about things that would pair well with your kosher wine selections and that are, of course, kosher. For whites think of something light and easy for reds think of something with meat. All in all, your kosher wine tasting is sure to be a success if you follow this guide and remember to have fun!


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