Miami Shabbos food

Miami Shabbos food

Miami Shabbos food, This life, for many of us, is about obtaining the perfect job, finding the perfect partner, having the perfect kids (and the perfect amount of kids). In short, it is about living as comfortably as you can. In this ceaseless race, we spend our entire time consumed in working towards achieving our materialistic goals to provide the best life for ourselves and our families. However, this race has an opposite effect on our lives. Instead of spending time with our families and loved ones, in stead of taking in all the beauty in the world and contemplating our existence, we spend every waking hour working, worrying, or, often both. The question arises, how can we break away from this cycle and dedicate more time to our families, to ourselves, and to God? The answer, as we all know, is Shabbat, or Shabbos.

We become in tune with our soul’s needs and break away from the physical cycle that keeps us occupied for six days. Those who keep the Shabbat know that it is the summit of the entire week. The seventh day of the week gives us strength to go on during the week, knowing that there will always be the magnificent day of rest, a day on which we do nothing but pray to God, talk to our loved ones, eat delicious Miami Shabbos food, learn Torah, and more. Just as God had rested on the seventh day from creation, so do we must rest on the seventh day.

Of course, while Shabbat is a spiritual concept, we must remember that like most another aspect in Judaism, it has physical manifestations. To obtain that closeness with God and the special feeling one gets on Shabbat, we must first do our part on the physical plane, which means not doing the work we’re not allowed to. So, every Friday night, after a hard day of cleaning and getting ready for Shabbos Queen, we begin welcoming in the Shabbos. The woman lights candles and recites a special prayer. These candles endow Shabbat with s special glow. Since candles are an extremely important part of the Shabbat and Jewish life in general, many people make it a point to procure the finest Shabbat candlesticks. Shabbat candlesticks may be any candlesticks that make you feel good, and you think to give this special day an extra meaning. Some popular Shabbat candlesticks include ceramic, sterling silver candlesticks and much more.

Later, when the man gets back from the synagogue, In the ceremony, he takes the Kiddush cup, fills it with wine and blesses over it. Once the wine is consecrated, the wine is drunk. In this case, too, many have the habit of purchasing beautiful Kiddush cups. Kiddush cups are a great investment; they are used every Shabbat, on holidays, and different Jewish celebrations. They are also great housewarming and Bar Mitzvah presents. Kiddush cups can be personalized, can bear different themes like Jerusalem, and more. Once the other parts of the Kiddush are done, everyone around the table starts eating. Shabbat meals often last for many hours and involve, in addition to a number of courses, singing, and learning.


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