Shabbat Takeout Menu

 For all your Shabbat needs.

Shabbat Takeout Menu

Shabbat Takeout Menu

Shabbat Takeout menu at Kosherland Market in Surfside, Fl. Have a large selection of food for your Shabbat Table. Large selection of different types of bread, assorted type of fish, chicken, and meat. We have a Shabbat Takeout Menu for everyone, from Marrocan Fish to Gefilt Fish, Cholent and more…

You can order your Kosher Food for Shabbat or online or in store in 9467 Harding Ave, Surfside, Fl 33154 you will find a beautiful display full of dishes ready to go. We do not have a catering service, but you can come to our place to pick up your food or we can deliver your order to your home, hotel, etc.

All our prepared Kosher Food is completely fresh, waiting for you every Thursday or Friday in order that you can have a delicious Shabbos dinner or lunch.

Kosherland kosher supermarket is open every morning. Our hours of operation are:

Mon-Thu: 8:00 am – 8:30 pm
Friday: 7:45 am – Two (2) Before Shabbat
Saturday – CLOSED
Sunday: 9:00 am – 7:00 pm

If you need more information you can call us at 305 – 866 – 6993 or contact us thru the web form

Kosherland Shabbat Takeout menu is your best solution for every Shabbat meal

You will find in our Shabbat Menu


ORGANIC Whole chicken Rotisserie

ORGANIC Whole chicken cut in 4 teriyaki sauce

ORGANIC Whole chicken cut in 4 in sweet orange sauce

ORGANIC Chicken legs teriyaki

ORGANIC Chicken legs sweet and sour

ORGANIC Chicken legs in sweet orange sauce

Breaded chicken tenders


Grilled chicken breast

Chicken breast balls sweet and sour sauce

ORGANIC Chicken wings teriyaki sauce


Beef stew teriyaki

Roast beef loin wine sauce or teriyaki

Brisket roast marinated with gravy

stuffed cabbage

flanken ribs bbq sauce

meatballs extra lean tomato sauce

meat maroccan cigars

beef keebeh

meatballs extra lean sweet and sour sauce

Lachmagin Individual



Veal shoulder roast champagne and mushroom

Veal balls extra lean tomato and rosemary


baked Scottish salmon teriyaki

baked Scottish salmon orange sauce

baked Scottish salmon Morrocan style

faux shrimps in sweet and sour sauce

homemade gefilte fish

grilled fresh tuna steak (rare inside)

TILAPIA Morrocan style


vegetable mix broccoli carrots

saute sweet potatoes in honey

mashed  real potatoes

roasted red potatoes /rosemary

yellow rice and veggies

brown rice

asian thin noodles with veggies

Israeli couscous

potato kugel

broccoli kugel


fresh beets salad

asian coleslaw

celery salad with nuts and cranberry

shredded red cabbage in toasted sesame oil


Israeli coleslaw (no mayo)

egg salad

white tuna salad

israeli salad

cucumber salad

real potato salad

makbucha (tomato dip)

baked eggplant salad Spanish style

fried sliced eggplant (Israeli style)

roasted garlic in honey

quinoa salad (nuts and cranberry)

chopped liver


chicken and veggies soup

chicken soup plain

soup of the day


turkey pastrami

turkey smoked

turkey plain

turkey honey glazed

turkey Mexican style

beef shoulder pastrami

beef brisket pastrami

beef salami dry

beef bologna

beef large salami


Parve Vanilla Napoleon For 8 To 10 People

Parve Lemon Pie 8 Inches

8 Inches Parve Fraisier (Strawberry Shortcake)

Touchoco Parve For 6 To 10 People

Grand Opera Parve For 6 To 10 People

Parve Strawberry Pie 8 Inches

8 Inches Parve Strawberry Kiwi Tart

Challa 500g

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