Shopping Kosher Products Surfside Bal Harbour Miami

Shopping Kosher Products Surfside Bal Harbour Miami

Choosing a trustworthy kosher market can pose some tricky issues if you want to keep the right standard for the quality of your food. Here is our take from our experience as a provider on the kosher market and in building a business which sells products we ourselves trust 100%.

1- Be mindful of the sources of your food – Grass-fed beefs, organically grown chickens, hormone free and outdoor pastures and fresh air are the key factors which make your meat free from all the things you would never want to get into your body. Those are black and white issues and only by endorsing and buying from trustworthy sources we can help them grow and eliminate the shady ones. And this is something we strongly encourage at our Kosher land supermarket.

2- Keep the quantities under control – Ideally you would buy as much you consume. Shopping more than you consume triggers 2 undesired consequences: the first is you end throwing any your food or, and the worst one, you end up eating more. So, keep a good balance when going to the kosher market and fine-tune things as you go.

3- Don’t get trapped by healthier is more expensive’ – Healthy should not have to do anything with high prices. But there are lots of providers out there over-pricing their products and justifying that by a lot of marketing tricks. You end up paying sometimes for the marketing they are investing in those products rather than for the guarantee of quality food.

4- Allow yourself to be well served – Look for good services to go along with good products. Catering or home delivery are some of the little pleasures in life we can take advantage of to make things easier.

5- Stay Informed Information is power so don’t undermine your possibilities to keep up to date. Pay attention to latest research and keep an eye open for books or articles regarding what it means to eat healthy and which food products are most beneficial. Things evolve, and we need to keep up in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

We can proudly say we cover all 5 of those and we recommend you don’t take our word for it and see for yourself. The Kosher Market in Miami offers an exquisite selection of meats and specialties. Visit us directly at our store or online at

Phone: 305 – 866 – 6993

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