Surfside Certified Kosher Market

Surfside Certified Kosher Market

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Surfside Certified Kosher Market, Kosher, meaning “fit” in Hebrew, refers to a diet that is particularly followed by the Jewish community and is in keeping with the laws of kashrut. But surprisingly, the Jewish community is not the primary taker for their products. Then there are those who simply prefer them against regular food items. Just having a certified symbol on the product is perceived by consumers to have a higher value in terms of quality.

According to recent reports, three out of five people prefer it as they believe it has better quality, is safer for consumption and better for health. The report found that just 14 percent of the people who buy them do so for religious reasons. Just seeing a symbol on products is reassuring enough for many consumers. Kosher-certified products have gained a reputation for having passed stringent quality control measures of production and thorough inspection processes. This definitely adds perceived value to these products and has boosted sales, even of items like their vitamins.

It has been the most popular food claim for the last five decades. Other popular claims include: organic, vegan, free from additives and preservatives. Manufacturing for this niche category of people is smart marketing.

The demand for the certified kosher foods has been increasing at a rate of 15 percent a year for the past 25 years.

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Phone: 305 – 866 – 6993

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